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Log data from almost any instrument connected to your PC's COM or TCP/IP port with the ComDebug software. Extensive trouble-shooting capabilities means ComDebug is also ideal for solving communications problems.

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An example of aliasing is when stagecoach wheels on a film appear to be going backwards when the coach is actually travelling forwards. The camera samples the scene 24 times each second. This sampling rate is too slow for the speed of the spokes of the wheel. Instead of each frame showing the spokes a little bit further round, each spoke advances to just short of the original position of the spoke in front, giving the appearance of rotating backwards.

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Filter Signals

Filtering explained: how to remove interference from your signal.

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Learn about sensing, measuring, controlling and analysing the world around us.

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Data Logging with LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet

Nickel recycling researchers use Windmill Software

Investigating efficient recovery of pure metallic nickel from nickel waste byproducts.

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