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13 November 2015

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Welcome to Windmill Software's Data Acquisition site where you will find measurement & control articles and Windmill's free data logging software.

Windmill data acquisition software

Download the free ComDebug software to trouble-shoot serial communications and log data from almost any measurement instrument which communicates over RS232, RS422, RS485, Modbus or TCP/IP. For logging from many instruments at once, choose the Windmill data acquisition software. You can save data in text files or transfer directly to Excel or other software.

Just want some information? You've come to the right place. We have hundreds of articles on data acquisition and control.

Windmill Software are a British company, established in 1991. We provide unlimited, lifetime, technical support for all our products, and a money-back guarantee.

We don't just sell software, we also offer data acquisition and control devices communicating over USB, Ethernet and Internet for measuring strain, temperature, flow, level, resistance and so on. See our application stories for some examples of these systems in action.

With a flexible approach to communication, the majority of instruments can be interfaced by Windmill software. These include altimeters, balances, conductivity meters, data loggers, dial gauges, digital indicators, digital thermometers, DMR, extensometers, flaw detectors, fluorometers, force gauges, gas analysers, GPS, gyro compasses, hygrometers, I2C devices, ion gauges, load meters, motion sensors, multimeters, myographs, oxygen electrodes, particle analysers, pH meters, PIC microcontrollers, plcs, pressure transmitters, power analysers, RLC meters, RFID readers, thermoregulators, titrators, scales, solar panel array controllers, sonar and water baths. From many different manufacturers.

We've been publishing the Monitor newsletter (ISSN 1472-0221) since 1998 and it has evolved into a comprehensive repository of "how to" articles and tips on measuring strain, pressure, temperature, weight, position, resistance, emissions, etc over, for instance, RS232, RS422, RS485, Modbus, Ethernet, GPIB, USB, TCP-IP with a variety of applications showcased. It also includes the popular Excel Corner with advice on using Excel for data acquisition. In over 175 issues we have covered many subjects: read the archive and take advantage of our experience.

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