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28 November 2016

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Nickel Recycling Researchers use Windmill Software

Researcher Parisa Sadat Abbasi Jahromi is investigating efficient recovery of pure metallic nickel from nickel waste byproducts.

As part of her experiments she is using two balances (Sartorius Talent TE4101 scales). These she connects to a computer running Windmill software. The software records the weight on the scales every 15 seconds for the duration of each test.

Jahromi used the Windmill ComDebug software to enter the balances' settings and then the Windmill Logger software to regularly collect data.

Sartorius Balance

The default com port settings for a Sartorius Talent balance are
Baud Rate: 1200
Data Bits: 7
Parity: Odd
Stop Bits: 1
Flow Control: Hardware

More about interfacing a Sartorius balance is at

Further Reading:

Application of an Ion Exchange Loading Correlation for Nickel Recovery from a Ferrous Containing Solution by Parisa Sadat Abbasi Jahromi