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21 April 2017

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What is Streamer?

Streamer is high speed data acquisition software running under Microsoft Windows (NT, 2000, 98, 95 or 3.1). With Streamer you can:

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Downloading the Demo

Download Streamer Demo

Select strdemo.exe (360K) and save to disk. We'll gladly post the demo to you if you experience any problems.

Unpacking the Demo

Move strdemo.exe into its own directory then run strdemo.exe from Windows. This unpacks the Streamer software, creates a Windows program group for Streamer and starts Streamer (opening the Streamer Main, Chart and Info windows). Streamer takes up 605 Kilobytes, so you'll need 965 Kilobytes of free space altogether.

To use Streamer:

  1. Choose the Collect button in the main Streamer window.
  2. Choose the Start button in the main Streamer window.

Streamer lets you save all its settings, and the demo includes 7 example set-ups. To load one of these select either Restore Streamer Setup from the File menu, or the Open Setup button. Choose Collect and then Start as before.

The demo Streamer is identical to the real program, but works with software generated signals rather than actual hardware signals.