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17 November 2016

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TCP/IP and COM port trouble-shooting and data logging software
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We are pleased to offer our Monitor Newsletter (ISSN 1472-0221) subscribers this great package for instruments communicating over TCP-IP, RS232, RS485, Modbus, Ethernet and Internet. It comprises:

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Windmill runs under Windows 10 and earlier Windows operating systems.

Charting data
Charting Data with Windmill 7

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ComDebug Serial Port Software

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Windmill 7 Data Acquisition and Control Software Trial

The Windmill Trial contains demo setups to get you started. Instructions on using the demos appear after you have installed Windmill. The trial lasts a month, after which, if you want to continue using Windmill, you can licence your copy at our data acquisition catalogue site - Even if you choose not to licence Windmill you can continue using the ComDebug program indefinitely.

With a flexible approach to building command strings, and parsing the received data strings to extract data values, the majority of serial analytical instruments are supported. These include altimeters, balances, conductivity meters, data loggers, dial guages, digital indicators, digital thermometers, DMR, extensometers, flaw detectors, flow meters, fluorometers, force gauges, gas analysers, GPS, gyro compasses, hygrometers, I2C devices, ion gauges, load meters, motion sensors, multimeters, myographs, oxygen electrodes, particle analysers, pH meters, PIC microcontrollers, plcs, pressure transmitters, power analysers, RLC meters, RFID readers, thermoregulators, titrators, solar panel array controllers, sonar and water baths.

Windmill ComDebug reads data from many instruments, including multimeters

You can use Windmill to interface up to 10 instruments at each port, from different manufacturers. For example, serial devices from from Acculab, A&D, Advantec, Ashtec, Avery Berkel, B&B Electronics, Bruël & Kjær, Campbell Scientific, Dataq Instruments, Daily RFID, Dataq Instruments, Datel, Datataker, Denver, Desoutter, Ecom, Fisher, Fluke, Funaro, Garmin, Geolux, Honeywell, Horiba, Humminbird, ICP DAS, Keyence,LOVATO electric, Love Controls, Linkcom,, Magellan, Maxim, Mettler Toledo, MecMesin, Metrix, Microchip Technology, Mitutoyo, Motorola, Molytek, Newmar, NovAtel, Nu-Metrics, Ohaus, Omnistar, Omron, Orion, Panametrics, Parallax, Parker, Protek, Quantum Logic, Remontec, Rockwell, San Jose, Sartorius, SG Brown, Siemens, Sokkia, Sylvac, Telegan, Transcell, Tritech, TTi, TSS, Turner Designs, Varian SenTorr, Veris, Vitrek, Voltcraft, Weeder Technologies, Weilheimn, WTW, World Precision Instruments and YSI and many other manufacturers. Many channels of data can be accepted from each instrument.

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Data Logging Options with the free Trial

  1. Log only when new data is available from your instrument: when a weight changes on a balance for instance. Even if two items weigh the same, Windmill knows that a change has occurred, so no readings are missed.
  2. Log to a new data file at regular intervals, every hour or every week for example. This is useful in continuous, long-term logging.
  3. Log data only when channels are in an alarm state, for example when a temperature reading rises above a set point for five minutes. The temperature is regularly logged throughout this time.
  4. Log data for a fixed duration, for example during an alarm condition and for ten minutes afterwards.
  5. Use Excel to start and stop logging.
  6. Log from different channels at different rates.
  7. Log from different channels to the same or different files.
  8. Log data from RS232 instruments alongside Modbus and Ethernet devices.

data logging software
Setting the Logging Options

Will Windmill work with my Hardware Device?

Windmill data acquisition and control software can log data from instruments that plug into the PC's COM or TCP/IP port and communicates via TCP/IP, RS232, RS422, RS485 or Modbus. USB drivers are also available. If you can answer Yes to these questions then Windmill will work for you.

  1. Does your instrument communicate via the PC's COM port or TCP/IP port?
  2. Does it send ASCII, binary or hexadecimal messages?
  3. Are you running Windows: any version from 95 to Windows 10?
  4. Does your instrument send its data in real-time?
  5. Is each data item fewer than 21 ASCII characters or 7 pairs of hexadecimal characters long (excluding engineering units, headers, etc. Eg +123456789.0123456789)?

Differences between Windmill 7 Software suite and ComDebug

After your month is up you can most of the Windmill programs will expire. However, you can continue to use ComDebug indefinitely to log data from one instrument. This table shows what you can do with ComDebug compared to the full Windmill suite.

Windmill 7
software suite
Number of instruments connected to the PC:   101
Start logging when you click Start:yesyes
Start logging on an alarm:yesno
Start logging when new data arrives:yesno
Start logging on a key press:yesno
Log different channels at different rates:yesno
Automatically start new data files:yesno
Highlight channels in alarm:yesno
Import data into Excel after collection:yesyes
Import data into Excel in real-time:yesno
Chart data:yesno
Control outputs:yesno




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