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February 2011

Free Windmill Data Acquisition Software Demo

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What is Windmill?

Windmill is a suite of data acquisition software running under Microsoft Windows (7, Vista, XP, NT, 2000, 98, 95). It's modular, so you can choose the Windmill applications you need and expand your system later. With Windmill you can:

  • Collect data from, and send data to, over 100 analogue and digital channels (thermocouples, resistance temperature devices, strain gauges, pressure transducers, counters, relays, laboratory instruments and so on)
  • Log data to disk at up to 200 samples per second
  • Chart data in real time
  • Display process mimics
  • Monitor alarms
  • Perform on-off and loop control
  • Create test sequence files
  • Review graphs of data
  • Save libraries of hardware set-up files

Download Windmill Data Acquisition Software Demo

Downloading the Demo

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Note: The demo will not work with Windows 10, 8, 7. Please download our Windmill 7 data acquisition trial instead.

Select wmldemo.exe (593K) and save to disk. We'll gladly post the demo to you if you experience any problems.

Unpacking the Demo

Move wmldemo.exe into its own directory, then run wmldemo.exe from Windows. This unpacks the data acquisition software, and launches a presentation of Windmill. The presentation involves a series of explanatory notes, with a selection of Windmill applications running one after the other. After the presentation you can experiment with the Windmill programs. The demo programs work with software generated signals rather than actual hardware signals.

Purchasing Windmill

After evaluating the demo, should you wish to purchase Windmill data acquisition software you can do so on-line, or call +44 161 833 2782. Windmill is currently reduced to just £50 and includes any one driver free. Drivers available include those for Modbus devices, USB units, DDE Servers or RS232 instruments like balances, GPS receivers and pH transmitters.

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