Data Logging over IoT

The Microlink 840 multi-purpose data logger now connects to the Internet-of-Things, WiFi and Ethernet networks.

Microlink 840 versatile IoT data logger

Remote Data Acquisition and Control

Log data from, and control, a mix of eight digital and analogue signals. Use as a device on the Internet-of-Things via MQTT, plug into a local Ethernet network or use the internet TCP/IP protocol. Monitor and control in real-time. Suitable for mass remote energy monitoring level detection and status logging making it an incredibly versatile IOT tool.

Logging Data

You can choose the time period over which to store data, every minute or every hour say. For each channel you can save:

Pollution monitoring

Microlink 840 Specifications

Max inputs & outputs8
Logging epoch1 minute to 9 hours
Logged valuesMaximum, minimum, average and final value of epoch + custom calculations on data
Counting optionsAccumulating, frequency, period, pulse width, elapsed time
MaximumOver 16 million
On & off time
before a count is logged
Selectable from 1 to 255 millisecs
Count resolution16- or 32-bit
Analogue input range0-3.3 V. Can be made 0-5, 0-10 V or bipolar
CommunicationsMQTT, TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, Internet, Ethernet
Data available in real-time

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