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3 September 2014

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Harvest Data from DDE Servers

Harvester lets the Windmill software suite take the initiative and gather data from any application that can act as a DDE (dynamic data exchange) server.

Many applications and drivers make data available over DDE. Harvester picks up this data and passes it to other Windmill applications like Logger and Chart. The data could come from sources as diverse as Fieldbus networks, spreadsheets like Excel, data entry software or programs you have written.

Clients and Servers?

Software engaging in DDE conversations are often referred to as clients and servers. A server always responds to requests, or commands, from a client. The standard Windmill programs can act as DDE servers, but not as clients. Harvester, however, lets Windmill draw in data from any software acting as a DDE server.

Increased Versatility

Harvester makes Windmill even more versatile. Windmill can acquire data from serial instruments using COMIML, data acquisition and control hardware using dedicated drivers, and from any DDE server software.

Harvester in Action

Particle Analyser ApplicationA measurement and control system often involves several different types of instrument from several different manufacturers. The software must be able to cope with all these variations

One example of this is using a particle analyser (from Malvern Instruments) under computer control. The analyser's own internal software decides when it needs a sample of liquid and sends this request to Harvester. Windmill then turns on a pump, supplying exactly the right amount of liquid ot the particle analyser. The analyser sends its results to Harvester which passes them to Windmill to be logged and displayed alongside data from other parts of the system.

Harvester with Excel

With Harvester you can use Windmil to chart data in real-time from cells in an Excel spreadsheet. As the values change in the spreadsheet they change on the chart. You can similarly log data: time-stamping every reading.

More Information

For more detailed information on using Harvester download its on-line Help.

Ordering Harvester

You can buy Harvester from our Data Acquisition Shop: now reduced to £145 (GB pounds). If you have not yet purchased Windmill, simply add Windmill with Harvester to your shopping basket. If you already have a copy of Windmill, choose Harvester its own. Make sure you select Harvester 4.3 if you have Windmill 4.3, or Havester 6 if you have Windmill 6.

For more details, or to find the price in your currency, please visit our on-line shop web site. We will email Harvester to you - saving you shipping costs.