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20 May 2016

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ComDebug Settings for an Adam 4018 Thermocouple Input Module, and other 4000 Series Modules

These settings have been used with an Adam 4018 module, but should also work for other modules in Advantec's Adam 4000 Series.

Read this in conjunction with the Getting started with ComDebug and COMIML Serial Driver page.

For information on what each of the settings means, see the Serial Driver Settings Overview

Adam 4018 Thermocouple Input Module, from Advantech

ComDebug COM Port Settings

Run ComDebug and choose to create a new Windmill Instrument File.

Comm Port: Select the port to which your instrument is connected.
Baud Rate: Default setting when using RS232/RS485 converter is 9600
Data Bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop Bits: 1
Flow Control: None

Data Format: ComDebug Message and Parsing Settings

After entering the COM port settings, select Edit Message_1.

Example prompt command: #

where <CR> is a carriage return selected from the NonPrint menu.
This command asks for analogue input data from module address 00, channel 0.
Command prompt string requesting data from channel 000.
Example data string: >+026.60<CR>
Example parsing: Ignore Until +-
Extract Until <CR>
Parsing the message. Click Step to check the correct data is shown.

Instrument Timing

Read: Directly
Timeout: 5000 ms
Instrument Idle or Wait Time: 500 ms
Data Persistence Time: 5000 ms

Further Information:
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