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20 May 2016

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ComDebug Settings for a Datataker DT80 Data Logger

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Windmill software lets you continually log data from a Datataker DT80 data logger, and other devices, connected to the PC. All data is time-stamped and can be imported into Excel either during or after data collection. Our Windmill with the COMIML software is currently reduced from £145 to £50.

The Datataker uses a null-modem (cross-over) RS232 cable.

You need to tell ComDebug what settings your Datataker DT80 is using. These are the Datataker's default settings.

For full instructions on using ComDebug see its Help or the Getting Started with ComDebug and the COMIML Serial Driver page.

COM Port Settings

Comm Port: Select the port to which your instrument is connected.
Baud Rate: 1200
Data Bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop Bits: 1
Flow Control: None

Data Format

Set the Datataker to return data in Fixed Format mode. How the data is returned depends on the commands you have sent to the Datataker.

Example data string: D,081044,"JOB1",2005/03/29,12:46:00,0.0293681,0;A,0,102.322,97.979902 ,1;0072;065F
All data strings are prefixed by a header, D, followed by the serial number of the Datataker. So you could use this to find the start of a message. The floating point data values are always specified to 8 significant digits.
Data format: ASCII
Example parsing: Search D,081044,
Ignore Next 43 characters
Extract Until ,

This would extract the data value 102.322

Instrument Timing

These settings tell Windmill to automatically read the Datataker every 200 ms, and that this data should be considered valid for 500 ms. The actual timings used will depend upon your application.

Read: In the Background
Timeout: 3000 ms
Instrument Idle or Wait Time: 200 ms
Data Persistence Time: 500 ms

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