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4 February 2015

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Emission Monitoring

Windmill's new software, Test-Seq for Incinerators, records emissions and checks whether they are within the statutory limits.
Running under Microsoft Windows it monitors, for example, concentrations of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulates, adjusted for the percentage of oxygen present. It also calculates daily averages, maxima and minima and so on. With additional software, alarms can be triggered if emissions exceed their thresholds and the information displayed on the World Wide Web.

Generates Reports for the Pollution Inspectorate

Test-Seq for Incinerators is extremely flexible. It can handle several incinerators and new calculations can easily be incorporated should requirements change. It can also produce the comprehensive reports required by the pollution inspectorate. All its data can be sent to an Excel spreadsheet for analysis.

Saves a Library of Emission Log files

Every day Test-Seq logs two files of data. One file records temperatures and concentrations only whilst the machine, incinerator or stream is running. The other continually records any alarms that occur and holds the results of the daily calculations. The two files are closed at the end of the day and a library of each day's data saved.

Helps Companies meet their Statutory Requirements

Around the world governments are implementing increasingly stringent air quality regulations. Windmill's new emission monitoring software helps companies meet these requirements.


To order Test-Seq for Incinerators please contact Windmill Software - we can provide a complete system tailored to your specifications.

Air Emission data in Excel

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