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19 October 2017

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Virtual Instrument, HMI and Process Mimic Generator: Windmill Graphics

Use Windmill Graphics to create a virtual instrument, process mimic, annunciator panel, wiring diagram or any hmi you choose.
An example of a process mimic created by Windmill Graphics

Create hmi windows with Windmill Graphics. This program customises the Windmill software suite, making a versatile system that is unique to your application. The window continuously reflects the state of the system in the real world. Once you've created a window you can protect it from further editing. You can make the display a simple front end, or show enough detail to keep the even the most data hungry happy. Virtual instruments, process mimics, annunciator panels, wiring diagrams... it's entirely up to you.

To use Windmill Graphics you just:

  1. Create a background in any painting package supporting bitmaps, Windows Paint for example.
  2. Open the bitmap in Windmill Graphics and double-click the mouse where you want live text or graphics to appear.
  3. Choose the type of live item and set its options.
  4. Switch to protected run mode and see the window come to life, continuously updating with real-world data.

Examples of live item available:

Ordering Graphics

Graphics is bundled with our Data Acquisition Hardware.