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Learn about sensing, measuring, controlling and analysing the world around us.

A comprehensive guide to all aspects of data acquisition.

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Digital data

The rise of virtual machines

Why are virtual machines becoming more and more widespread?

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AI changes digital signage depending on person looking at it

Artificial intelligence and data acquisition in retail

Using computer vision to collect shopper data: gender, age, dwell time, focus...

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Map of rock core sample locations

Researching impact of CO2 storage in rock

Recording displacement from LVDTs to investigate how CO2 affects rock when stored to mitigate climate change.

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Windmill software records water extracted from tailings to help protect the environment, improve safety and reduce costs.

Increasing safety after mineral extraction

Safe storage of tailings slurry demands the efficient extraction of water, or disaster awaits.

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Video footfall counting using computer vision

Eight sensing technologies to measure footfall

Video footfall counting using computer vision is just one of eight technologies which can count people.

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Monitoring occupancy

Monitor Occupancy over IoT

How to measure occupancy and receive alerts via meters, smart phones, browsers and text messages.

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