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Learn about sensing, measuring, controlling and analysing the world around us.

A comprehensive guide to all aspects of data acquisition.

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Windmill software records sample weights

Solving Pellet Problems

The most accurate method of counting passengers is by video counting.

Investigating the physical properties of the pellets for efficient storage and transport.

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Investigating the biomechanics of tendons

Researchers, for the first time, measure cell responses to repetitive loads on human tendons. The data acquisition system comprises force transducers, stepper motors with a motor controller, culture wells and a Microlink 751.

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Settling time - the minimum interval between reading each input when multiplexing.


Learn best practices and of what to be careful of when logging from several signals - including mixing small and large signals, sampling slowly and quickly changing signals, logging data from only some inputs and burst scanning.

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Over-voltage control in power generation from solar panels

Logging voltage in solar power generation

Windmill software verifies avoidance of voltage violations in solar power systems.

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Automatically Switching Digital Outputs depending on Analogue Input Values

Automatically Switching Digital Outputs depending on Analogue Input Values

Switch off a heater when a temperature rises above a certain point, for example, and then switch it back on if the temperature falls below another threshold.

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Self-calibrating Microlink data acquisition unit

Why and when to calibrate measurement instruments

Measurement and control devices are delivered tested and calibrated to international standards. Over time, though, they will lose their accuracy and measurements will "drift".

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