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20 May 2016

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Here are some other sites you may find useful, organised under: Instrument and Hardware Manufacturers, Temperature Measurement, Excel and Directories and Virtual Libraries.

Instrument and Hardware Manufacturers

Design and manufacture the Microlink range of data acquisition units. These include USB, Ethernet, RS232, RS485, ISA-Bus and GPIB devices.
Retail Sensing
Retail Sensing systems count people visiting shopping centres, bars, galleries, libraries and so on, using intelligent units and CCTV cameras.

Temperature Measurement
A Web Guide to devices that measure temperature.


Excel Tips and Tricks
Our Excel section gives many tips and tricks for scientists and engineers.
Excel Easy
Easy-to-follow tutorials teaching you how to use Excel. has over 50 add-ins that make Excel easier to use and save you time, plus downloadable books (full of examples) on how to write Excel macros.
Excel consultants. The OzGrid site includes tips on using Excel charts, data validation and conditional formatting.
Alan's Excel Goodies
Alan Barasch's guide to Excel. Includes programming with Excel VBA, a guide to fomulae, an Excel FAQ and links to other Excel sites.
RSD Associates
Excel add-ins for 6-sigma, SPC, DoE, R&R and Chemometrics, including Internet-enabled SPC and Data Collection systems.
Excel file recovery software
An Excel repair software that restores damaged files.
MS Office recovery and repair Software
Cimaware Software offers file recovery software for Excel, Access and Word.
Tool to compare, adjust and synchronize your Excel sheets.

Directories and Virtual Libraries
A directory of free software, papers, hardware, software and services of value to embedded, dsp, and realtime systems engineers. Includes several data acquisition sections.
Control Engineering Virtual Library
From the Control Group at the University of Cambridge. A library of Links to control groups around the world, professional societies, journals, control information services and commercial organisations.
The Instrumentation Signpost
Published by Readout, Ireland's Journal of Instrumentation and Control, the Instrumentation Signpost lists measurement, control and automation resources from throughout the world. It features periodicals; an up-to-date list of exhibitions, conferences and courses; professional bodies; standards; news and even a poetry corner.