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December 2007

The Newsletter for PC-Based Data Acquisition and Control
Issue 113      December 2007
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* Windmill Notes: Backing up your Windmill System
* DAQ News Roundup
* Data acquisition and control exhibitions

Windmill Notes: Backing up your Windmill System

Windmill stores all its configuration files in text 
files. You can easily back these up and if necessary 
completely restore your Windmill system.

The files you need to back up depend upon which version 
of Windmill you are using and which Windmill programs 
you have.

In all cases you will need to make a copy of:
iml.ini - this holds the configuration data you set 
          using the ConfIML program.
*.ims - this holds the settings you specified in SetupIML 
        (channel names, engineering units, etc.)

If you have saved your Windmill Logger, Chart, 
DDE Panel and Control Panel settings then you will need:
*.wlg (Logger)
*.wch (Chart)
*.wdp (DDE Panel)
*.wao (AnalogOut)
*.wdo (DigitalOut)

Windmill 4.3 only files
*.aid (LabIML serial driver)

If you have any of these optional Windmill programs, 
back up:
*.imd (COMIML serial driver, Windmill 5 or 6)
*.wgr (Graphics)
*.wts (Test-Seq)
*.wst (Streamer)
*.wci (CountIt)
*.cot (Cut-Out Tester)
almset.mdb (Alarm Logger)
imldde.ini (Harvester)

For version 4.3 of Windmill, the iml.ini and 
windmill.ini files will be in the Windows folder.  
All other files are in the Windmill folder. 

For Windmill versions 5 and 6, files will be in the 
windmill/setups/ folder, or to wherever you set the 
"working directory".

For more information on the Windmill software, see

DAQ News Roundup

Welcome to our roundup of the data acquisition and 
control news.  If you would like to receive more 
timely DAQ news updates then grab our RSS newsfeed 
at  Read for notes
on how to display the news on your own web site, 
read it via e-mail, mobile phone or a newsfeed viewer.

Organic transistor improves with age
   A plastic transistor doubles its performance if 
   simply left to sit at room temperature for a week. 
   Cheap to mould, pentacene transistors are a promising 
   candidate for organic electronics. A team in Zurich 
   has found that if a newly made pentacene transistor is 
   left to sit in a vacuum, the defects disappear naturally.
   Source: New Scientist

Water sensor locates leaks
   A new, inexpensive sensor locates water leaks from 
   utility company pipes. The new probes function on 
   the same principle as mass air flow sensors, which 
   have been used for some time to measure the air 
   intake in car engines. At the heart of the sensor 
   are two heating wires. An electric current flowing 
   through the wires heats them to a constant 
   temperature. When cold water flows past them, the 
   front wire gives off more heat into the water than 
   the rear one, which is in its slipstream.  Accordingly, 
   a higher current has to flow through the front wire in 
   order to keep the temperature constant. It is thus 
   possible to determine the speed and volume of the 
   water traveling through the pipes.

Intelligent software helps build perfect robotic hand
   Scientists in Portsmouth and Shanghai are working on 
   intelligent software that will take them a step 
   closer to building the perfect robotic hand. The 
   technology has the potential to revolutionise the 
   manufacturing industry.  They used a cyberglove 
   covered in tiny sensors to capture data about how 
   the human hand moves. 
   Source: University of Portsmouth

China surges ahead on clean energy spending
   CHINA is leaving the US in the dust in its spending 
   on clean energy - but it still has plenty to do if 
   it is to shake off its sooty reputation. According to 
   a new study China will invest more than $10 billion 
   on renewable energy this year - double the amount 
   invested by the US in 2006. 
   Source: New Scientist

Data Acquisition Exhibitions and Conferences

Every four months we list the forthcoming exhibitions 
around the world related to data acquisition and control.

   Tokyo Japan
   16-18 January 2008
   Electronics manufacturing event for the design, 
   fabrication, assembly, packaging and testing of printed 
   circuits and electronic assemblies. Part of the global 
   Nepcon series of events.

IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium 
   San Diego California USA 
   12-14 February 2008
   Forum for sensor users and developers to meet and 
   exchange information about novel and emergent 
   applications in smart sensors, biology, system health 
   management, and related areas. 

Nepcon Korea
   20-22 February 2008
   Exhibition for the electronics components and 
   manufacturing industries.

PV EXPO 2008 
   27-28 February 2008
   Tokyo Japan
   International photovoltaic power generation exhibition, 
   specialising in all kinds of devices, manufacturing 
   equipment and solar cells.

   1-4 April 2008
   Warsaw Poland
   Trade fair for automation, control, measurement and 

Instrumentation North
   9-10 April 2008
   Leeds UK
   Exhibition of sensors & transducers, controls & PLCs, 
   electronics test and measurement, quality assurance 
   and data acquisition.

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