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May 2010

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Issue 141         April 2010
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* Windmill Notes: Windmill and Windows 10, 8, 7
* DAQ News Roundup
* Data Acquisition and Control Exhibitions

Windmill Notes: Windmill and Windows 10, 8, 7

Last month we claimed the free version of Windmill would 
work with Windows 10, 8, 7. Unfortunately we were rather 
premature with that claim: it will work with the 32-bit 
version of Windows 10, 8, 7 but currently not with the 
64-bit version. 

To use Windmill 4.3 with the 32-bit Windows 10, 8, 7:

1. Run ConfIML and add the LabIML device driver.

2. Right-click the SetupIML program and select 
   "Run as Administrator".

3. Start Setup IML

You should see "Device 1 - type LabIML" listed in 
SetupIML's Device menu. You can now make your selections, 
save the file and go onto using the Windmill logging, 
charting and display programs. No need to worry about 
SetupIML again.

If you don't see LabIML listed you have two choices: 
manually create and edit the IMS file or temporarily 
turn off the Windows 10, 8, 7 "User Account Control". 

Manually Create and Edit the IMS File

The IMS file is a simple text file which looks 
something like this:

F 01 IMSLIB 4.09  Release 5 
I 00000 N= E=1 M=A T=G O=0 R=07 S=1 U=volts
I 00001 N= E=1 M=A T=G O=0 R=07 S=1 U=volts
I 00002 N= E=1 M=A T=G O=0 R=07 S=1 U=volts
I 00003 N= E=1 M=A T=G O=0 R=07 S=1 U=volts
I 00004 N= E=1 M=A T=G O=0 R=07 S=1 U=volts
I 00005 N= E=1 M=A T=G O=0 R=07 S=1 U=volts
V 00006 N= E=1 M=A T=G O=0 R=07 S=1 U=volts
I 10000 N=Lat E=1 M=A O=0 S=1 U=Degrees
I 10001 N=Lon E=1 M=A O=0 S=1 U=Degrees
I 10002 N=Depth E=1 M=A O=0 S=1 U=metres

It may be that there is an example IMS file for your 
instrument in our library at You can 
download and edit this as you wish. Store the file 
in your Windmill folder.

The first 7 channel entries in our example IMS file 
- channels 00000 to 00006 - are from the 
"Signal Generator". This simulates a device with 
seven channels and is provided in the download. 
The next entries are the LabIML entries, with 
channels 10000 upwards.

Full details of what the different settings in this 
file mean are given in issue 87 of Monitor, 
archived at: 
If, in ConfIML, you specified that your device 
would have 3 channels, then SetupIML's IMS file 
would have 3 LabIML lines with channels 10000, 
10001 and 10002.  If you need any help modifying 
or creating an IMS file please get in touch.


Temporarily turn off the Windows 10, 8, 7 "User Account Control" 

The second option is to temporarily turn off the 
Windows 10, 8, 7 "User Account Control". This is what causes 
the pop-up windows asking if you want this program to be 
able to write to the disk, every time you install new 
software. To turn this off:

1. From the Start menu select Control Panel.
2. Choose "User Accounts and Family Safety"
3. Choose "User Accounts".
4. Choose "Change User Account Control settings".
5. Move the slider down to "Never Notify".
6. Click OK and restart the computer.

You can now run SetupIML and make your selections. 
Once SetupIML has created its IMS file you don't need 
to run it again and can return the User Account Control 
to your chosen level.


Our thanks to the two readers who contacted us with the 
problems they had and the solutions they found.

DAQ News Roundup

Welcome to our roundup of the data acquisition and 
control news.  If you would like to receive more 
timely DAQ news updates then grab our RSS newsfeed 
at  Read for notes
on how to display the live news on your own web site.

Smart buoys warn oil rigs of freak waves
   An early-warning system for destructive underwater 
   waves has passed its first test in the Indian Ocean. 
   The system is designed to look for solitons, powerful 
   pulses that can be triggered at the boundary between 
   layers of dense and less-dense water, often when a 
   step change in the sea's depth disrupts a tidal flow. 
   Source: New Scientist

Control Engineering Magazine Folds after Fifty Years
   After over half a century, the instrumentation magazine 
   closes tomorrow. The UK-based IML Group which owns 
   Control Engineering Europe says that that publication 
   will not be affected.
   Source: Control Engineering

Smart Meters Market to Grow
   A recent study published by IMS Research, The World  
   Market for Smart Meters  2010, forecasts a surging  
   RF-Mesh market in the US while PLC shipments are  
   expected to dramatically increase in Europe and Asia. 
   Source: IMS Research

Light-based localisation for robotic systems
   Getting robotic systems to accurately detect both  
   moving and static objects remains an obstacle to  
   building more autonomous robots and advanced  
   surveillance systems. Innovative technology that  
   uses light beams for localisation and mapping may  
   offer a solution.
   Source: ICT Results

Underwear sensors monitor health
   The future wellbeing of soldiers may be improved  
   thanks to biomedical health sensors in their pants,  
   according to scientists. To create the sensors,  
   scientists screen-printed carbon electrode arrays  
   directly onto the elastic bands of men's underwear.  
   The tight contact and direct exposure to the skin  
   allowed hydrogen peroxide and NADH, which are both  
   associated with numerous biomedical processes, to  
   be monitored. 
   Source: The Engineer

Data Acquisition Exhibitions and Conferences

Our quarterly update of data acquisition and control 
exhibitions around the world.

Process Control and Instrumentation
  11-14 May
  Sydney Australia
  Part of Australia's National Manufacturing Week.  
  Product categories include Data Acquisition Equipment,  
  Drives, Fieldbus, PLC's, Plant Monitoring Systems,  
  Process & Control Systems, Sensors & Instrumentation,  
  Transmitters & Transducers, Test and Measurement. 

Nepcon Malaysia
  15-17 June
  Penang Malaysia
  The single largest sourcing ground for PCB/SMT,  
  components, testing & measurement and support  
  services sectors in Malaysia.

Automotive Testing Expo Europe
  22-24 June
  Stuttgart Germany
  Event dedicated to the quality, safety,  
  reliability and durability of vehicles throughout  
  Europe. Product areas include data acquisition  
  and signal analysis, engine/emissions testing,  
  laboratory testing, vibration and shock testing,  
  environmental testing, reliability/life-cycle  
  testing, automated test equipment (ATE), sensors  
  and transducers and laboratory instrumentation.

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