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21 December 2012

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The Newsletter for PC-Based Data Acquisition and Control
Issue 173       December 2012
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* Windmill used to Test Trains
* Measurement and Control Exhibitions
* DAQ News Round-up

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Windmill used to Test Trains

Windmill software is being used to test the heating and 
air conditioning of trains.

Testing Trains

The system uses Windmill software for the testing and long 
term logging of the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air 
conditioning) both in a test facility and on trains. 
Graphical displays show values and states of bodyside 
heaters, roof units and so on.  Tests are automated 
and include report generation.

For more information contact Graham Collins at 
[email protected].

Further Reading
More information on testing trains:

Monitoring Wheel Slip in Trains

Windmill Reduces Brake Testing Time by a Third


Data Acquisition Exhibitions and Conferences

The quarterly update of data acquisition and control 
exhibitions around the world.

Automation 2013
   21-24 January 2013
   Chicago USA
   Showcases the full spectrum of automation technologies 
   and solutions. From traditional industrial applications 
   to new technologies.

Residual stress engineering: developing control, 
measurement and characterisation techniques
   31 January 2013
   Manchester UK
   Held by the IMechE, covers measurement and calculation 
   of residual stresses and their influence on 
   structural integrity.

Engineering Expo
   1-4 March 2013
   Aurangabad India
   Trade show which includes automation and instrumentation.

Marine Science and Ocean Technology 
   11-13 March 2013
   ExCeL London UK
   Exhibition and conference on ocean observing and modelling, 
   measurement and instrumentation, data harvesting, marine 
   survey and engineering, remote sensing, marine pollution 
   monitoring and control.

Automation World
   3-16 March 2013
   Seoul South Korea
   A diverse array of automation technologies and products 
   under one roof

Israchem 2013
   30 April - 2 May 2013
   Tel Aviv Israel
   Trade show for processing, chemical engineering, 
   measurement, control and instrumentation

DAQ News Round-up

Welcome to our round-up of the data acquisition and 
control news.  If you would like to receive more 
timely DAQ news updates then grab our RSS newsfeed 
at  Read for notes
on how to display the news on your own web site or 
automatically tweet it.

Wave powered robot completes 9000 mile journey
   An autonomous wave-powered robot has completed a 
   9000-nautical-mile journey across the Pacific Ocean. 
   It navigated along a prescribed route under autonomous 
   control, collecting and transmitting high-resolution 
   ocean data.
   Source: ARC Advisory Group 
DCS Market in Asia Driven by Robust Growth in Developing Economies
   The major growth in Distributed Control Systems (DCS) 
   revenues continues to come from developing nations, 
   according to a report from the Arc Advisory Group.
   Source: ARC Advisory Group 

'Magic Zero' Technique Reduces Atomic Clock Uncertainty
   Scientists have demonstrated a novel method for making 
   the most precise measurements to date of the properties 
   of two atomic transitions (quantum leaps) in rubidium - 
   an element whose transitions are used as frequency 
   standards for many atomic clocks, Global Positioning 
   System satellites and telecommunications systems.
   Source: NIST 
Small, Portable Sensors Allow Users to Monitor Pollution on Their Phones
   Computer scientists at the University of California, 
   San Diego have built a small fleet of portable 
   pollution sensors that allow users to monitor air 
   quality in real time on their smart phones.
   Source: University of California 

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