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31 August 2013

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Issue 181         August 2013
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Welcome to Monitor, the monthly data acquisition and 
control newsletter. Today our main story tells how 
researchers are using Windmill to test composite 
materials, and develop a ship structure monitoring 
system which can be used at sea and report in 

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* Real-Time Monitoring of Ship Structures at Sea
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Real-Time Monitoring of Ship Structures at Sea

Testing Composite Materials

To ensure that composites meet the demands for 
seaworthiness, they require a variety of tests simulating 
the effect of the oceans. Current methods are mostly 
based on trial and error or oversimplification. During 
the design of ships, the non-linearities of composite 
structures are often neglected and, in order to 
compensate, an overestimated safety factor is employed 
leading to heavier structure than are necessary. Our 
Windmill strain measurement system though, is helping 
engineers test an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) 
which can accurately monitor loads on ship components 
in real-time, whilst they are in service on the sea. 
This will reduce over-design whilst real-time strain 
measurements can improve safety.

Integrated Sensors

Some vessels already have integrated sensors, but most 
do not. As part of their investigations, the 
researchers - Ramazani, Sewell, Noroozi, Koohgilani 
and Cripps from Bournemouth University and Longitude 
Consulting Engineers - asked: 

  "what is the minimum number of sensors that should 
   be employed to reduce the time to train the system, 
   to reduce costs and to reduce weight?"

Training the Artificial Neural Network

During their tests the researchers attached 20 strain 
gauge rosettes to a 1 m2 composite panel, which 
provided 60 strain channels. They applied weights 
to the panel. The Windmill 751-SG strain monitoring 
and control data acquisition system, with a resolution 
of +/- 1 microstrain, captured the strain data. 

Collecting Strain Measurements with Windmill

The 751-SG package comprises Windmill Software, a USB 
(universal serial bus) measurement unit which monitors 
16 strain gauges, giving up to 64 strain measurements, 
through differential inputs at up to 80 samples per 
second. Eight USB units can be attached to one computer 
to monitor 128 strain gauges. The researchers developed 
their own DAQ software in MATLAB which utilised the 
MATLAB Artificial Neural Network Toolbox capabilities 
and collected data from Windmill via DDE (dynamic data 

The 751-SG package is currently on special offer for 
just £475 from our internet shop at

Validating Designs and Improving Safety

The ability to measure the actual load history of a 
ship in service would enable the designer to validate 
the load estimation and structural design tools used 
during the design stage of the craft. The operational 
safety of the vessel can also be improved by having a 
real-time load monitoring system that is able to 
detect any degradation of structural integrity and 
defects within the structure.

Further Reading

Sensor Optimisation for in-Service Load Measurement of 
a Large Composite Panel under Small Displacement 
MR Ramazani, P Sewell, S Noroozi, M Koohgilani, B Cripps. 
Applied Mechanics and Materials 
Volume 248 (2013) Pages 153-161

Determination of the static pressure loads on a marine 
composite panel from strain measurements utilising 
articial neural networks
MR Ramazani, S Noroozi, M Koohgilani, B Cripps, P Sewell. 
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 
Part M: Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment 
Volume 227 (2013) no 1 12-21

Making safer composite materials for ship building, 
European Commission

Questions on Using Windmill

In this section we answer a question we've been asked 
this month about using Windmill. If you have a question 
on Windmill, e-mail [email protected]

   Please advise if Windmill 7 Data Acquisition Software 
   will work with a RS232 to USB coverter cable. I want to 
   log 4 pH meters to a pc using USB sockets. Many thanks.

   Yes. Windmill works with RS232-to-USB converters and 
   can collect data from pH meters connected to the USB 
   socket. More on using RS232-to-USB converters is at

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