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27 February 2018

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The Newsletter for PC-Based Data Acquisition and Control
Issue 234, February 2018

Welcome to Monitor. We've some important news about the Windmill software suite - if you want to get your hands on a copy you will have to hurry. See below for more details.

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* Important: Last chance to buy Windmill Software!
* Data Acquisition News Round-Up

Important: Last chance to buy Windmill Software for RS232 Devices!

If you want to buy Windmill data acquisition and control software as a stand-alone product, with free technical support for life, you need to hurry. After next week we will only be selling the software with our data acquisition hardware.

You can still buy now from Prices start from just 50 GBP and we offer a money-back guarantee if the software doesn't do what you want.

Windmill measures the weather

History of Windmill

Windmill is a suite of software for data logging, charting, process mimics and control. The stand-alone version works with instruments connecting over Modbus, TCP-IP, RS485, RS422 and RS232. You can use it to collect data from just one instrument, or from several different types of device at the same time. All data readings are time stamped.

The first version of Windmill was launched as far back as 1991. At that time it ran on Windows 3 (anyone remember Windows 3?). Previously our software had been for MS-DOS and ran from a command line prompt.

Early Windows logo

With the introduction of Windows came a new name for our software suite and a new interface - taking advantage of Windows multi-tasking, graphical operating system. There were many arguments amongst our developers as to whether the advantages of the then sometimes flakey Windows environment outweighed the speed and stability of DOS.

What Windmill Users have told Us over the Years

"I just finished settting up our Turner Fluorometer with Windmill. Great software. It was very easy, Thanks!"
GL, University of the Pacific
"I have succeeded in interfacing four different Mettler Balances to Excel using your free Windmill product and am very happy."
DA, Mettler balance user
"The Windmill software was a great find for me. I had feared that I would have to write my own software as I could not find a flexible program that could accept custom-made drivers."
JC, Program Manager of a pilot scale chemical process facility
"...resulting in a 90% improvement in efficiency in an inspection data logging operation"
RB, Manufacturing & Development Engineer, Fiber Optic Transceiver Manufacturing
"I would recommend Windmill ComDebug to any one who has to trouble shoot a serial card problem. I used it to locate a defective com card which the manufacturer said could not be."

Any comments please get in touch - email [email protected]

DAQ News Round-up

Welcome to our round-up of the data acquisition and control news. If you would like to receive more timely DAQ news updates then follow us on Twitter - @DataAcquisition - or grab our rss feed.

PC-Based Automation worth $38.01 Billion By 2023

That's at a growth rate of 4.9% according to research from Markets and Markets. Some of the major factors driving the growth are the evolution of the Industrial Internet of Things, the rising demand for smart automation solutions, and growing emphasis on regulatory compliances.
Source: BCC Research

Waking up small electronic devices saves IoT energy

A device that's turned off doesn't suck battery life, but it also doesn't work. Now Stanford researchers have developed a low-power system that's always on the alert and can turn devices on when they are needed, saving energy in the networked internet of things.
Source: Stanford University

New sensor for measuring electric field strength

New sensor has the major advantage that it does not distort the very electric field it is measuring.
Source: Technische Universitat Wien

Electric eel inspires new power source

Like the eel, the power source has individual compartments with small capacities and the voltages being triggered at the same time.
Source: University of Fribourg

Electric eel

Barr Survey Reveals An Internet of Insecure Thingse

22 Percent of embedded system engineers working on IoT projects do not list security as a product requirement for their current project. A warning that security breaches will continue to plague the embedded system industry in the short-term future.
Source: Sensors Mag

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