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27 August 2000

     The Newsletter for PC-Based Data Acquisition and Control    
Issue 25                  August 2000
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Welcome to our second birthday edition of Monitor from Windmill 
Software. For the first time we've compiled a complete index of 
the contents of previous issues. We hope you find this helpful. 
We also cover discussion lists and exhibitions.

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* Windmill News: DAQ Unit Down in Price at Online Catalogue
* Complete Index of Previous Issues
* Discussion Lists
* Exhibitions


                         Windmill News:                          
           DAQ Unit Down in Price at Online Catalogue     

The Microlink 590 unit is now reduced to 115 GB pounds (around 
170 US dollars or 190 Euros). The 590 provides screw terminals, 
allowing your signals to be permanently wired. It also offers 
many other facilities, including
* noise filtering
* input protection from high voltages
* contact closure inputs
* AC inputs
* current to voltage conversion
* biasing to ground
* output protection
* external current source switching
You can use the Microlink 590 with either data acquisition cards 
installed inside the PC, or with data acquisition units plugged 
into the PC's universal serial bus port.

To buy the Microlink 590 at its reduced price visit our on line 
For more details on the universal serial bus see last month's 
issue of Monitor

                     Index to Monitor Issues                     

This month we celebrate Monitor's second birthday. From an 
initial mailing to 140 people, our subscriber list has grown to 
nearly 7000. Thank you all for your continuing interest and 

Over the past 2 years we have covered many issues relating to 
data acquisition and control: here is a comprehensive index to 
the information published. If you have any suggestions for 
subjects you'd like covering in the future, please let us know. 
E-mail: [email protected]

A/D Converters     
A/D Converters, types of
Abbreviations A-G  
Abbreviations H-M  
Abbreviations N-Z  
Access Database and DAQ
Analogue Inputs    
Book Shops on the Internet
Connecting Equipment
Connecting Signals 
Data Acquisition Systems
Data Logging       
Differential Inputs
Education Applications
Education Applications
Emission Monitoring
Engine Testing     
Ethernet Communications
Fieldbus Communications
Free Software      
GPIB Communications
Glossary A-D       
Glossary E-H       
Glossary I-L       
Glossary M-O       
Glossary P-R       
Glossary S         
Glossary T-Z       
Human Machine Interface
IEEE-488 Communications
Mapping and GPS    
Modbus Communications
Oil and Gas        
Pollution Monitoring
Process Mimic Design
Product Testing    
Programming Tools  
Rainfall Measurement
Remote Sensing     
Replaying Data     
Resistance Measurement
RS232 Communications
RS232 Communications
RS422 Communications
RS485 Communications
Signal Conditioning
Single-Ended Inputs
Strain Measurement 
Strain Measurement 
Switch Testing     
Temperature Measurement
Transducer Monitoring
Universal Serial Bus (USB)
USB Communications 
User Interface Design
Virtual Instrument Design
Virtual Libraries  
Visual Basic       
Visual Basic       
Visual Basic       
Visual Basic       
Visual Basic       
Visual Basic       
Weather Monitoring 
Wide Area Networks 
Wind Speed Measurement
Windmill Tips      

                        Discussion Lists                         

Although we are always pleased to receive your comments on the 
articles published in Monitor, it is primarily a one-way 
communication from us to you. Discussion lists, on the other 
hand, allow any subscriber to e-mail a message to everyone on the 
list. Some are moderated - a person checks your message to ensure 
it is on the proper topic. This filters out the "Make Money Fast" 
nonsense that plagues so many of the newsgroups. Here are some 
discussion lists you may find of use.

SCADA Mailing List
A discussion list to exchange information about SCADA 
(supervisory control and data acquisition), and to discuss 
standards in the SCADA industry.

This list is for discussion of condition monitoring technologies 
and maintenance management. It encourages the technology exchange 
between academia and industry. Very low traffic.

INTERFACE-L -- Instrument interfacing
This list aims to encourage and facilitate the discussion of 
all aspects of computer-instrumentation interfacing. The list 
is unmoderated and has around 10 messages per month.

A list where the general or casual user of Excel can get help for more everyday questions.

Forum for the more sophisticated Excel user.

To search for other discussion lists in your field try Use your subject and "mailing list" as the search terms.

For tips on Discussion List etiquette see

                   Exhibitions and Conferences                   

Starting our bi-monthly series of forthcoming exhibitions and 
conferences related to data acquisition and control.

4-7 September
CONTROL 2000 Conference
University of Cambridge, UK
An international conference covering a wide variety of control 
systems across the major engineering disciplines.

5-8 September
Swiss Automation Week
Basel, Switzerland
Includes industrial control and regulating systems, industrial 
software and sensor technology.

6-7 September
Instrumentation Scotland
Offshore systems focus plus sensors, transducers, controls, data 
capture, test, measurement, monitors and analysis.

6-13 September
International Manufacturing Technology Show
Chicago, USA

11-13 September
Miconex 2000
International fair for measurement, instrumentation and 
Beijing, PRC

19-21 September
MSV 2000
Brno, Czech Republic
Trade fair for measurement, control, automation and regulation 

4-6 October 2000
Controlo'2000, Guimaraes - Portugal
4th Portuguese Conference on Automatic Control

9-13 October 2000
Het Instrument
Jaarbeurs Utrecht Netherlands
The exhibition for industrial automation and laboratory 

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