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Issue 277 December 2021

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* DAQ Terms Described
* Your Data Acquisition Questions Answered
* Data Acquisition News Round-Up

DAQ Terms Described

Way back in Issue 2 of this newsletter, we started a glossary of data acquisition and control terms. This became a resource in its own right which we kept updating as new techonologies and measurement techniques became common. If you haven't seen it - take a look at the new version at

Your Data Acquisition Questions Answered


I bought a laser displacement monitor a few days ago, and it connects to a computer with an RS422 converter. I am wondering if I can receive the data from the laser displacement monitor by windmill software at the same time with strain gauges (751-SG).

Laser sensor


Yes you can get both signals into Windmill. To get data from the laser displacement meter you will need to use the comIML driver. This will allow you to receive and send serial messages. You setup the comIML driver using the Windmill comDebug program. Subscribers can download this and other Windmill programs for free - just email [email protected] for your copy.

DAQ News Round-up

Welcome to our round-up of the data acquisition and control news. If you would like to receive more timely DAQ news updates then follow us on Twitter - @DataAcquisition - or grab our rss feed.

Can Sensor Technology Cut Noise Pollution in Cities?

To reduce noise, cities need new sensor technology that can tell the difference between a dog barking, a garbage truck and a revving motorcycle engine.
Source: Bloomberg City Lab

Snow Tracking Sensor

Sensor for daily snow cover tracking could make winter a lot less challenging.
Source: EurekAlert

Stretchy pressure sensor targets healthcare boost

Scientists from the University of Chicago have developed a stretchy, flexible pressure sensor that could be widely used in soft robotics, prosthetics and other healthcare settings.
Source: The Engineer

Reduced Data Accuracy Helps Save Energy

Computers are using more and more energy. APROPOS - an international project - aims to improve the energy efficiency of global data usage up to 50-fold by reducing data accuracy.
Source: Business Wire

Smart soil sensors could help farmers curb fertiliser use

The technology could help growers work out the best time to use fertiliser on their crops and how much is needed, considering factors like the weather and soil condition.
Source: Imperial College London

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