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Issue 300 April 2024

Join us in celebrating our 300th issue!

We're thrilled to celebrate the 300th issue of the Monitor newsletter. Since 1998, we've been a source for in-depth coverage of all things measurement and control. Whether you've been with us from the beginning or are a new reader, thank you.

Over the past 25 years we've covered many data acquisition and control topics. Explore our vast archive of articles to discover a wealth of knowledge on measurement and control topics - see the full list below.

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* Celebrating 300 Issues of Data Aquisition and Control Expertise
* Your DAQ questions answered

Celebrating 300 Issues of Data Aquisition and Control Expertise

Presenting a rich repository of measurement and control knowledge, 25 years in the making.

Our extensive archive houses hundreds of articles, encompassing timeless fundamentals to the latest technology. Most were written in-house but we also have had some guest articles from experts in their field. Professor Bruce Grieve.

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Join us on the journey through a recent history of data acquisition and control.

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Applications of Data Acquisition

Used in countless applications in all sorts of different industries and disciplines, how people are using data acquisition software and Microlink hardware.


From long established communications like RS22 and GPIB to the later LoRaWan, Bluetooth and MQTT, we've covered over 18 different protocols for communicating with measurement and control instruments.

Data Acquisition and Control Articles

Interfacing Instruments

A sample of how people used our Widndmill software, and example settings to do so.

Windmill Notes

Tips on using our (now free to subscribers) software.



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Your DAQ Questions Answered


"Good afternoon,
We urgently need a copy of your windmill software sending over as a free download for running on a new PC data logging computer required for a research project.Can you please action this or suggest any other way we can obtain this.Do we need a license for this as we are currently running Windmill on 3 independent machines in the lab?
Any suggestions helpful.


Just email for a new free copy. After installation you will be asked for a Release key to authorise the software. Email us with the Request key (a 7 character code) generated by the computer and we will then send you the Release key to enter on the same screen. And away you go.

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