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February 2004

The Newsletter for PC-Based Data Acquisition and Control
Issue 67       February 2004
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* Windmill News: Dynamic Data Exchange Tutorial
* Excel Corner: Pop-Up Chart Labels
* Data Acquisition and Control Exhibitions

Windmill News: 
Tutorial on Exchanging Data with Other Applications

Windmill can exchange data in real-time with other 
Windows applications through DDE.  You can now download 
a tutorial on DDE, with examples of:

- Sharing data with Excel and Visual Basic

- Using Excel to control analogue or digital outputs, 
  such as switches or relays

- Using DDE over a network

- Sending commands to Windmill, for instance to start
  logging or charting

- Using Windmill Graphics to control other applications, 
  for instance to open an Excel worksheet

To download the tutorial go to

Excel Corner: Pop-Up Chart Labels

In Issue 41 of Monitor, we discussed labelling points in 
an xy scatter chart. For example, imagine you have 
20 sample points each with a latitude (x), longitude (y) 
and a temperature value. You would therefore have three 
columns of data: x, y and temperature.  Issue 41 
( described methods of 
labelling the x-y points with their temperature data.

However, what about when you have so many data points 
the labels obscure the chart? In this case it would be 
preferable if the label were to only appear when you 
held the cursor over the data point.  Software 
consultant Tushar Mehta offers a free Excel add-in 
to do this. 

1. Go to the Hover Chart Label page at 

2. Download the zip file and extract ChartHover.xla.  

3. Install it as an Excel Add-in and access it from 
   the new TM menu.

Further Reading:

For more on using Windmill with Excel see

Data Acquisition and Control Exhibitions

One of the things highlighted by last month's survey 
was the slump in popularity of the exhibitions.  The 
last time we asked, a quarter of readers found this 
section either "very interesting" or "fairly 
interesting".  This time only 16% did so.  Unless we 
receive a sudden flood of requests in its favour, 
therefore, this will be the last exhibition listing!

CHIFA 2004
3-6 March
Guangzhou Canton China
8th international factory automation and instrument 

23-26 March
Warsaw Poland
International fair for measurement and control

19-24 April
Hannover Germany

16-20 April
Dusseldorf Germany
Large trade fair for the process industries, includes 
measurement equipment and automation technology in 

Sensors Expo and Conference
7-10 June
Detroit MI USA
Features sensor-related sessions, exhibits and special 


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