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29 August 2004

The Newsletter for PC-Based Data Acquisition and Control
Issue 73         August 2004
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Welcome to Issue 73 of Monitor.  This month we're 
pleased to announce new software dedicated to counting 
people (or, in UK parlance, footfall counting). We 
also have the regular Excel corner and our tri-monthly 
listing of measurement and control exhibitions.

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* Windmill News: New Dedicated People Counting Software
* Excel Corner: Starting and Stopping Windmill Logger
* Data Acquisition and Control Exhibitions

Windmill News: New Dedicated People Counting Software

A year ago we announced that Windmill software had been 
chosen for a new people counting system 
(  We now 
offer a program dedicated to counting people (or, in 
UK parlance, measuring retail footfall), which is 
easier to use for those who do not need the full 
capabilities of Windmill.

The benefits of the new software include:
- It can now communicate with the counting units over 
  Ethernet, as well as over RS232, RS485 and modem links.
- Users can now do everything from one program: setting 
  up the counting units, downloading counts, viewing 
  live counts and occupancy levels, and analysing 
  footfall data. 
- The results can be imported into almost any third-
  party reporting software. Users are therefore free to 
  use whatever software they wish to process the data and 
  are not tied to the manufacturer's reporting software.
- The software can handle counts from outdoors and 
  thus be used for pedestrian counting.
- It can perform calculations on the data, such as 
  combining the count from several entrances.

For more details contact [email protected]
For more on people counting systems see

Excel Corner: Using Excel to Start and Stop the 
Windmill Logger Program at Pre-Determined Times

The Windmill Logger program saves readings from 
instruments and sensors to disk (temperature, weight, 
position, strain, pressure, etc).  It does this at 
regular intervals, every minute for example.  You can 
instruct Logger to start logging in a number of ways, 
for example when:
- your equipment sends new data;
- readings cross one of your alarm thresholds;
- you press the space bar on the keyboard;
- you press the software Start button.

Likewise you can tell Logger to stop logging when: 
- you press the software Stop button;
- your chosen logging duration expires.

However, there may be times when you would prefer to 
automatically start and stop Logger at pre-determined 
times.  You can do this with the Windmill Test-Seq 
program ( or with 


Using Excel to Start and Stop Logger

If you want to use Excel to start and stop Windmill 
Logger, then you need to create a macro to do so. Here 
is an example of the code needed.

Sub StartLoggerMacro()
End Sub

Sub WaitTime()
' Waits until a time of day in 24 hour format - here 
9.30 am and 0 seconds
' Then runs the StartLogger subroutine
    Application.OnTime Date + TimeSerial(9, 30, 0), 
' Waits until a time of day then runs the StopLogger 
    Application.OnTime Date + TimeSerial(12, 45, 0), 
End Sub

Sub StartLogger()
' Starts the Logger program. See the Notes below.
    Shell "start c:\windmill\logger.exe demo1.wlg /AUTO"
End Sub

Sub StopLogger()
' Starts a DDE conversation with Logger
    ddeChan = DDEInitiate("Logger", "Commands")
' Sends the Destroy command to close Logger
    DDEExecute ddeChan, "Destroy"
' Ends the DDE conversation
    DDETerminate (ddeChan)
End Sub

1. Replace c:\windmill\logger.exe with the path to your 
   Logger program.
2. Replace demo1.wlg with the name of your Logger setup 

More Information:
For more details of Test-Seq or Logger, visit or contact 
[email protected]
For more on using Excel with Windmill see

Data Acquisition and Control Exhibitions

  30 Aug - 3 September 
  Buenos Aires Argentina
  Control Automation Week organised by the Argentine 
  Association of Automatic Control. For instrumentation, 
  software, engineering, research and education.

  31 Aug - 3 September
  Basel Switzerland
  International automation fair includes industrial 
  control and sensor systems.

Instrumentation Scotland and Offshore Systems
  8-9 September
  Aberdeen Scotland
  Sensors and transducres, control and PLCs, data 
  acquisition, test and meaurement exhibition.

Remote Sensing
  13-17 September
  Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain 
  Covers remote sensing for agriculture, ocean, 
  environmental monitoring and GIS.

  14-17 September
  Beijing China
  International fair for measurement, instrumentation 
  and automation. Organised by China Instrument and 
  Control Society (CIS).

  20-24 September
  Brno Czech Republic
  Biennial exhibition on measurement, control, 
  automation and regulation.

MeasComp and Sensors
  28-30 September
  Wiesbaden Germany

Progressive Technologies in Automation
  29 September - 8 October
  Moscow Russia
  Exhibition dedicated to process automation and 
  embedded systems.

ISA Expo
  5-7 October
  Houston Texas USA
  Automation and control conference, training and 
  exhibition.  Organised by the Instrumentation, Systems, 
  and Automation Society.

Smart Automation Austria
  6-8 October
  Linz Austria
  Measurement and control exhibition.

Drives and Controls
  12-14 October
  Telford UK
  Covers the drives, motors, transmissions and 
  automation markets.

HET Instrument
  1-5 November
  Utrecht The Netherlands
  25th Anniversary of this industrial automation and 
  laboratory technologies exhibition.

Asian Conference on Remote Sensing
  3-7 November
  Chiang Mai Thailand

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