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28 November 2005

The Newsletter for PC-Based Data Acquisition and Control
Issue 88       November 2005
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Welcome to Issue 88 of Monitor.  This month we're 
pleased to announce new software to help count visitors 
to museums, bars, shops, libraries, and so on.

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* Windmill News: New Software to Configure CCTV-Linked
  People Counters
* Excel Corner: Different Intervals on one Axis
* Data Acquisition Exhibitions and Conferences

Windmill News: New Software to Configure CCTV-Linked
People Counters

Windmill are pleased to announce new people counting and 
footfall monitoring software.  Now managers can change 
all settings without leaving their desks.

It helps when setting up a video-based people counting 
system to connect the CCTV camera to a television 
monitor. This way you can view the counting zone and 
verify that people are being counted correctly.  With 
the help of a TV the software lets users precisely 
position the area people have to cross to be counted.  
The system can be set to count people going straight 
ahead or turning sharply left or right.  It can also 
be configured for accurate crowd counting.

Many of the new software options are useful for an 
international market.  For example, you can specify the 
size of people to be counted and the minimum gap between 
two people entering together.  This is useful in cultures 
where people tend to walk very close together: preventing 
two people being counted as one.  Different countries have 
different video formats. The new software lets you choose 
the format in use in their country: PAL (50 frames per 
second used in Europe) or NTSC (60 frames per second) 
for example.

For wide entrances or corridors, several CCTV cameras 
are mounted in a line across the ceiling. The software 
enables users to specify which cameras are monitoring 
wide entrances and which are monitoring individual 

The Setup software can also perform calculations on the 
counts. For example, you could tell it to combine the 
number of people going through several entrances to get 
the total visitors to a store.

Another feature of the software is the ability to set 
the duration of the count. For example, you can instruct 
the loggers to save people counts every 10 minutes, every 
hour, every day or over some other time interval.

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Excel Corner: Setting Different y Axis Intervals

We were recently asked how to set the y axis to start in 
increments of 20 and then, when 500 was reached, to swap 
to increments of a 100.  We were unable to find an easy 
way to do this, but whilst researching the problem we 
found a workaround at the Tushar Mehta Consulting site.  
Tusha describes how to plot against a pseudo y axis at

For more tips on using Excel see

Data Acquisition Exhibitions and Conferences

It's the exhbition issue again: here are the data 
acquisition and control showcases around the world.

   Virginia USA
   6-8 December
   Conference and exhibition on sensors, data acquisition 
   and instrumentation.

Southern Manufacturing Show
   Surrey UK
   8 - 9 February 2006
   Exhibition of engineering and electronics solutions.

MTEC 2006
   Birmingham UK
   15-16 February 2006
   The UK's showcase for sensors and systems. Includes 
   instrumentation, signal conditioning, data acquisition 
   and control software.


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