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1 March 2015

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The Latest in Measurement and Control on your Website

Display live measurement and control news in your own web pages, absolutely free! Or grab the news feed in any news reader. If you already subscribe to RSS news feeds just add - - otherwise read on for all the options.

With our RSS news feed you can receive live updates of all the data acquisition and control news. How you receive the news is up to you. You can choose to embed it into your own web pages, automatically tweet it, read it over the internet, use a special software application or have it delivered by e-mail.

Embedding News into your own Web pages


For PHP pages see below. For html pages just copy the javascript code below and paste it into one of your web pages. Shortly after news is added, it will appear on your site.

If you would prefer a different look, just edit the javascript code.

PHP Code

Copy the code and paste into your php web page.

Tweet the News

According to research by Sysomos and Beevolve, the more you tweet the more followers you get. You can automatically tweet our news using Twitterfeed. Sign in, click Create New Feed and enter

Using an Internet News Reader

With an Internet News Reader, you use a web browser to see your selected news feeds. There are several companies offering this service. For example, if you have a myYahoo account, you can add news feeds to your page there - click

Other options include:


Using a Software News Reader

A software news reader lets you download the news and then read it offline. Take a look at Headline Viewer. You will need to add our news feed (

Receiving News Via E-mail

There are various services which will deliver the latest news to your e-mail account, including Feedburner and FeedBlitz.

Enter your email address to subscribe to the Feedburner e-mail service

Enter your email address to subscribe to the FeedBlitz e-mail service