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15 August 2017

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Using Windmill to Configure your Measurement Hardware

The SetupIML program scans your measurement and control devices and builds a default set-up file. SetupIML might see, for example, a device with 5 K-type thermocouples called Temperature1, Temperature2, etc, whose measurements should be between 0 and 100 degrees Celsius. SetupIML lets you change these settings, and others, for all types of hardware, no matter how connected to the PC. This means that the setup details for everything are contained in just one file.

You change SetupIML's default settings using simple dialogue boxes. For example, you can:

In SetupIML just double-click a channel to change its settings.

The menus and dialogues show only those settings available with the connected hardware, so you cannot go wrong. The set-up file is saved to be recalled later by the other Windmill software.

SetupIML lets you specify alarm checking on analogue or digital inputs. You can set two alarm thresholds (warning and critical) and link these alarm conditions to digital output lines for instant control.

Not all channels or devices need to be included in every set-up. Two experiments could be running at the same time, each one using a different set of channels. The experiments can be started and stopped independently.

While SetupIML is running it constantly checks each operation with the hardware and so immediately spots any errors.

SetupIML is free with every Windmill system.

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