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19 May 2015

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How to Start Logging Data when you Switch on the Computer

You can automatically start Logger, and the other Windmill programs, whenever you switch on your computer.

  1. On the Windows Start menu, right-click the Windmill Logger icon and choose Properties.
  2. The target box shows where Logger is located. At the end of this line add your Logger setup file (*.wlg) followed by /auto, as shown in the picture below. This means that whenever Logger is loaded it will automatically start logging data.

    Automating data logging

  3. Now tell Windows to run Logger on start-up. On the Windows Start menu, right-click the Startup folder and select Open.
  4. Go back to the Start menu and this time click Computer. Open the Windmill Software folder and find the Logger icon (logger.exe). Right-click this and select Create Shortcut.
  5. Drag this shortcut to the Startup folder you opened in 3 above.
  6. Logger will now start collecting data as soon as Windows loads. Data will be appended to the end of the file you specified in the Logger setup file (*.wlg). If you wish to save data to a series of files, see the notes in issue 20 of Monitor.

Any questions e-mail [email protected].

Starting Windmill at a Specific Time or Day

You can also use Windows Task Scheduling to start Logger. This runs a program automatically according to your schedule. For example, at a specific time each day. See the Microsoft site for how to do this.