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13 October 2017

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Condition Monitoring over the Internet

Our new Windmill Remote software lets you monitor conditions at a distance, and view live data over the internet. It is especially useful for hazardous environments. Designed to incorporate GPS measurements, it is also ideal for mobile systems where location needs to be logged.


With Windmill Remote you can monitor as many stations as necessary. With proper permissions administrators can also control the monitoring station: setting different parameters to be logged (temperature, speed, etc), new update intervals, fresh alarm settings, different telephone numbers to be dialled to alert people to alarms, and so on.

From your internet browser, you can choose which of your monitoring stations you want to view. You can see live data and alarm states. You can also view historic data and a calendar of events. If, say, you were logging only when a specific condition occurred - the calendar would show when these events happened and full details.

The screens are clear and simple. A column of buttons down the left hand side let you swap between viewing live data, alarms, historic data, etc. However, if you prefer the screens can easily be customised to your specifications.

Windmill Remote

The logging software saves the data in a series of files. You can choose to start a new file every day or every week, or after any time interval you choose. This prevents the data file from becoming over-large and unmanageable. Normal users can only view information. Administrators, though, can download logged data files, add new remote monitors and change setup or logging conditions. Once downloaded the data can be replayed graphically as a chart. It can also be imported into Excel, or other Windows program, for analysis or report generation.