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2 March 2018

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About Windmill Software

Windmill Software Limited specialise in data acquisition and control. We are a British company, established in 1991.

Our design philosophy is that data acquisition systems should be versatile, expandable and above all reliable. Our hardware and software systems monitor analogue transducers, digital sensors, utility meters and machines. They raise alarms and control digital outputs. Measure voltage, strain, temperature, pressure, current, pH, flow…

All the hardware is manufactured in the UK and if necessary can be modified to your requirements.

We are committed to providing a system that works for you - and offer free technical support for life.

Our software is in use in hundreds of establishments around the world, including: AEA Technology, ATP Industries Group, BNFL, Britax, British Antarctic Survey, Chiroscience, Continental Tyres, Cranfield University, DERA, Envirotank Incineration, Earth Balance, Eurostar, (GEC) Alstom, Ilford Films, John Beatie Racing Engines, Mitsui Babcock, Motorola, NRC Refrigeration, Oxford Magnet Technology, Pilkington Glass Products, Raigmore Hospital, Rolls Royce, Rutherford Appleton Lab, Schlumberger, Schwitzer, Shell Research, Tetra Rex Packaging, UMIST, University College Cork, Van Den Bergh Foods, Zelweger Analytical and Zeneca.

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