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Measurement and Control Articles

Learn about sensing, measuring, controlling and analysing the world around us.

A comprehensive guide to all aspects of data acquisition.

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occupancy monitoring

Occupancy Sensing

Ten technologies to measure occupancy. How to automatically count, record and display live occupancy, and integrate with other IoT devices.

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AI changes digital signage depending on person looking at it

Using LoRaWAN for Remote Monitoring

Connecting sensors and device to the internet of things, over very long distances

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Measuring Strain

Understanding Strain Measurement

Tips for logging from strain gauge bridges

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Noisy signal

Seven ways to remove Noise

How to minimise the effect of noise on your signal.

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Thermocouple chart

Data Acquisition and the Smart City: A Connected Future

At the heart of a smart city lies data acquisition, the process of gathering information from various sensors and sources, integrating advanced technologies into the fabric of city operations

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Using Artificial Intelligence in Data Acquisition

Using AI in Data Acquisition

AI-trained software reduces costs by removing the need for physical sensors. Systems can be easily scaled up to handle large volumes of data from many sources. Machine learning leads to continuous improvements in performance.

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