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October 2001

The Newsletter for PC-Based Data Acquisition and Control
Issue 39        October 2001
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* Windmill News: Windmill Chosen for Energy Monitoring 
* More on Energy Monitoring
* Data Acquisition Exhibitions
* Excel Corner

Windmill News: 
Windmill Chosen for Energy Monitoring Package

Biodata is offering Windmill software free with their 
new Microlink energy monitoring units.

The Microlink 826 is a small device which collects 
readings from up to 8 utility meters - electricity, gas, 
water, etc. It both logs the data locally, and passes it 
to Windmill for storage on the PC's hard disk. Windmill, 
which runs under Windows, also charts and tabulates the 
data so you can see demand in real-time and identify 
patterns of use. As always with Windmill systems, if you 
wish you can pass data straight to Excel or to other 
programs for analysis and report generation. Plus, with 
our Graphics software, you can quickly create your own 
data displays. Just draw a background and click where you 
want live items like analogue meters or bar charts to 

The system includes up to 30 Microlinks and each can be up 
to 1 km away from the PC. If you wish you can plug a modem 
into the Microlink and send the data to a PC anywhere in 
the world.

The low cost package starts at just £295 (around 
$440 US or 500 Euros). Quantity discounts are available. 

For more information on the Microlink 826 units visit

For a free leaflet about the energy information system, 
fill in the form at

For more about the Windmill software see

More Information on Energy Monitoring

Kathleen Burns, writing in Energy User News, provides an 
informative article on energy information systems. She 
highlights some of the key elements of these systems as:
- Real-time data access 
- Flexibility to connect to existing metering devices
- Ease of use 
- Integrated systems (data collection devices and 
- Online reporting capability 
- Low cost 
- Capable of monitoring all energy usage-electricity, gas, 
  water supply, and waste streams, plus process-related 
  variables such as temperature and pressure of 
  manufacturing processes

For the full article see

Anther article in Energy User News you might find 
interesting is "Energy Monitoring Evolves into Business 
Management Tool"
(Link provided courtesy of Energy User News. iCopyright 
Clearance License 3.5241.16044-11056)

Previous issues of Monitor have also covered energy 
monitoring and related topics.
Issue 38, Energy Trading

Issue 35, Monitoring Renewable Energy

Issue 20, Data Logging Tips

Issue 6, Emission Monitoring

Data Acquisition Exhibitions and Conferences

The majority of the exhibitions scheduled for the next 
couple of months are proceeding, however Science & 
Technology India has been postponed owing to the events 
of September 11 and the subsequent military action.

30 October - 2 November
Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre
Asia's leading show for chemical and process engineering, 
controls, automation, testing, measurement, 
instrumentation and laboratory technology.

Manufacturing Week 2001
30 October - 1 November
NEC Birmingham UK
Includes 4 exhibitions: Drivers, Motors and Controls; 
Production; Automation and The Design Engineering Show.

Postponed: Science & Technology India
Due to the events of September 11, and the current 
situation in the region, the Science & Technology India 
exhibition has been postponed until April.

The National Measurement Conference
6-8 November
Harrogate UK
Covers technical developments and innovation in the 
measurement science industry.

5-7 November
Rosemont Illinois USA
The first Sensors for Industry Conference and Exhibition, 
organised by ISA and IEEE. Aims to bring together 
professionals involved in all aspects of sensor 

NEMEX 2001
7-8 November
NEC Birmingham UK
The European event dedicated to energy management: energy 
saving equipment, services and information.

19-22 November
Stockholm International Fairs, Sweden
Sweden's only exhibition for industrial automation 
products and services.

Excel Corner: Overlaying Scatter and Stock Charts

In Issue 34 of Monitor 
( we discussed 
options for charting with Excel. As a result of this 
article we've been asked how to overlay different types of 
chart, in particular scatter and stock charts.

First a quick reminder of what scatter and stock charts 
are. A stock chart lets you see, for example, high, low 
and average values for each day or week. An x-y scatter 
chart plots one variable against another.

To overlay one type of chart on the other.

1. Create your Stock Chart.
2. From the Chart menu select Add Data.
3. Select the data for the first set of scatter values.
4. You now need to tell Excel that the new data is not 
   part of the Stock chart, but is to be overlaid as a 
   scatter chart. To do this: from the Chart Toolbar 
   select your new series of data. (If the Chart 
   Toolbar is not visible, enable it from the View menu.)
5. From the Chart toolbar now select XY Scatter as the 
   Chart type. 
   The new data will be overlaid as a scatter chart.
6. Add more data as necessary.
7. If you want to change the x values against which your 
   scatter data is plotted, from the Chart menu choose 
   Source Data. Select the Series tab, delete the current 
   x values and drag and drop the new x values.

Note, the above instructions assume you are using Excel 

We hope you found this month's Excel corner useful. For 
details of getting real-world data into Excel see

If you've any questions on using Windmill with Excel 
please see our technical support FAQ at

If your problem isn't answered there then fill in the 
technical support form at either of the above addresses.

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