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4 February 2015

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Windmill Replay 

Windmill Replay plays back logged data files graphically. It's ideal for scrolling through long files looking for significant events. You can fast forward through uneventful stretches, and pause for a more detailed look when something catches your eye.

Moving Graph and Table of Values

The Replay screen is split between the moving graph and a table of data values. How much space is devoted to each is up to you. When the graph is static, double-clicking a point on it will highlight the relevant row in the table. Similarly you can double-click a point on the table and the cursor will show the corresponding points on the graph.

Unlimited Zooming

You can zoom in and out of the graph as many times as you wish, choosing whichever area you please. Show data over a longer time-scale, or data from more channels.

Replay Screen


You can choose:

For full details of Replay download its on-line Help file from our Help page.