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17 November 2001

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Capturing Torque Meter Data to an Access Database

An escalator manufacturer needs to monitor and analyse various tools, in particular torque screwdrivers. The company wanted to send data from their torque meter directly to an Access database. To achieve this quickly, easily, and for free, they used Windmill Software.

Each torque test comprises 5 measurements. To record the torque data they created a form in an Access database. They programmed this to automatically open the Windmill DDE Panel when the form was opened, and close DDE Panel when the form was closed. Once running, the DDE Panel monitors the torque meter, collects its data and sends it to Access in real-time. The company later use Excel for statistical analysis.

The Windmill software is currently reduced from £145 to £50 and is available from our data acquisition shop.

Windmill Torque Meter Settings

Should you wish to use Windmill to read data from a Desoutter TMP220 Torque Meter, you can quickly get started by downloading its set-up file from our library. If you prefer you can enter the settings by hand:

    Baud rate: 4800
    Data bits: 8
    Parity: None
    Flow control: None

    Reading Protocol: Request/Response Background
    Timeout: 1000 mS
    Data Persistence: 5000 mS
    Returned Message Length: 16

    Channel Attributes: Read Channel
    Reply Parse String: \S"   "\E04
See the Windmill on-line Help (comdebug.hlp) for a detailed description of these settings. You can alter them to suit your application, but these should get you started.