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20 May 2016

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ComDebug Settings for a Tresna Digital Indicator

Windmill software lets you continually log data from a Tresna Digital Indicator connected to the PC via a Win-1 Special Interface. All data is time-stamped and can be imported into Excel either during or after data collection. Our Windmill with the COMIML software is currently reduced from £145 to £50. Alternatively, subscribers to the Monitor newsletter (ISSN 1472-0221) can download free logging software: ComDebug. This lets you log data from one instrument and save it in a text file. After collection is finished data can be imported into Excel.

Tresna Digital Indicator connected to the PC via a Win-1 Special Interface, Series:Q05

COM Port Settings

Comm Port: Select the port to which your instrument is connected.
Baud Rate: 4800
Data Bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop Bits: 1
Flow Control: None

Data Format

Example data string: +1.234567<CR>
Data format: ASCII
Example parsing: Ignore Until +-
Extract Until <CR>

Instrument Timing

Read: In the Background
Timeout: 3000 ms
Instrument Idle or Wait Time: 200 ms
Data Persistence Time: 500 ms

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