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August 2009

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Issue 133        August 2009
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* Excel Corner: Reducing Errors in Worksheet References
* Instrumentation Exhibitions
* DAQ News Roundup

Excel Corner: Reducing Errors in Worksheet References

Imagine you use Windmill Logger to save each day's data 
in a new file. You want to perform the same operations 
on each file's data: calculating averages and maximum 
and minimum values for example. You also want to do 
the same for the week's data. This is not difficult 
to do, but using indirect references makes it quicker 
to set up and reduces errors. First copy each day's 
logged data to a new sheet in a workbook, and name 
them Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.

1. Insert a new sheet which will be the report sheet
2. Label the columns B1 to H1 with Monday, 
   Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.
3. Type the labels for the calculations in column A: 
   Average, Maximum, Minimum.
4. In the Average row of Column B type =AVERAGE(INDIRECT(B1&"!b7:b67")), 
   where b7:b67 is the range of data from which you want to calculate the average.
5. Copy across the row until the end.
6. Do similarly for the maximum and minimum rows.
7. For the week's calculations label the last column 
   "Week" and enter a formula using the previous 7 cells.

For more tips on using Excel see

Data Acquisition Exhibitions and Conferences

NEPCON South China
26-28 August
Shenzhen China
Exhibition for the electronics manufacturing industry.

Automotive Electronics South China 2009
31 August - 02 September 
Shenzhen China
Includes automotive electronics components, test and 
measurement equipment, electronics materials, software 
and electronic design.

IDAACS' 2009
21-23 September
Rende Italy
Intelligent data acquisition and advanced computing 
systems: technology and applications.

Sensors & Measurement Exhibition
29 September - 1 October
Moscow Russia
New developments for engineering, sensors and measuring.

Smart Automation Austria
7-9 October
Linz Austria
Trade fair for industrial automation.

Miconex 2009
20-23 October	
Shanghai China
International conference and fair for measurement, 
instrumentation and automation.

DAQ News Roundup

Welcome to our roundup of the data acquisition and 
control news.  If you would like to receive more 
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on how to display the live news on your own web site.

RFID tags get an intelligence upgrade
   Today's RFID tags can only broadcast fixed data back to 
   a reader device.  Researchers are now working to add 
   brains to the tags in the form of microcomputers, opening 
   the way for much smarter applications. They are testing, 
   for example, embedding the computational RFIDs into 
   concrete to report moisture content, which could give 
   engineers early warning of structural faults.
   Source: New Scientist

Music is the engine of new lab-on-a-chip
   Music, rather than electromechanical valves, can drive 
   experimental samples through a lab-on-a-chip in a new 
   system developed at the University of Michigan.
   Source: University of Michigan

Low Cost Handheld Sensor
   A low-cost sensor developed by a Cambridge University 
   spin-out could lead to inexpensive handheld gas monitors. 
   The devices could be used to detect toxic and combustible 
   gases in automotive, environmental and other applications. 
   The sensor is based on a tungsten micro-hotplate with 
   integrated electronics.
   Source: The Engineer

Eyes in the soil will help food security
   A new tool will allow farmers to see under the soil to 
   check how efficiently crop roots are using water and 
   nutrients.  "Climate change means that the ability 
   to rapidly identify new plant varieties tolerant to 
   drought and other stresses is going to be critical to 
   breeding the food crops of tomorrow. said Dr Bruce Grieve. 
   "These subsoil sensor systems are novel but founded 
   upon established low-cost body scanner technologies, 
   which exploit the bending of electrical fields within 
   the subject."
   Source: The University of Manchester

Industrial Controls Weakened Further 
   Shipments of industrial control equipment contracted 
   yet again during the second quarter of 2009, as NEMA's 
   Primary Industrial Controls Index fell 6.5 percent 
   against the first three months of this year.  Although 
   this represents a much slower rate of decline than the 
   first quarter's 23 percent drop, shipments have declined 
   nearly 40 percent from their cyclical peak and are at 
   their lowest level in 18 years. 
   Source: NEMA

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