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January 2001

    The Newsletter for PC-Based Data Acquisition and Control    
Issue 29             December 2000
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Welcome to the December issue of Monitor, 
from Windmill Software.

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* Windmill News: Windmill launch our own range of hardware
* Exhibitions and conferences
* Happy New Year

                       Windmill News:                        
   Windmill Launch New Range of Data Acquisition Hardware    

We are delighted to announce the first in our own line of data 
acquisition devices - the Windmill 750.

The 750 plugs into your computer's USB port and costs just 295 
British pounds (around 440 US dollars or 470 Euros). The price 
even includes our Windmill software suite, which we normally 
sell for 145 pounds on its own! Plus, we offer discounts for 

One 750 unit lets you use your PC to monitor up to 16 voltage 
inputs, 16 digital inputs & outputs and 8 counters. You can 
connect eight 750s to one computer, increasing the number of 
inputs and outputs. The Windmill software applications let you 
log and chart data, switch outputs and save libraries of set-
up files for different tests or experiments - all without 
programming. What's more, data can be sent straight to Excel, 
or other Windows applications.

We're so confident that anyone can use our 750 bundle with the 
minimum of effort, we offer free technical support for life.

We aimed to create the best value USB package you can buy - we 
think we've succeeded. For more details visit our on-line DAQ 
catalogue or e-mail [email protected]

PS - For information on the USB (universal serial bus) see 
Issue 24 of Monitor


                 Exhibitions and Conferences                 

Continuing our bi-monthly list of data acquisition 
exhibitions and conferences. Here are brief details, with 
URLs of where you can find further information.

14-15 February
NEC Birmingham UK
Conference and exhibition dedicated to sensors, measurement 
and instrumentation. Supported by the Institute of Physics, 
the Gas Analysis and Sensing Group, the Institute of 
Electrical Engineers and the Society of Environment Engineers. 
Papers are to be presented on such topics as chemical sensors 
and acceleration in Apache helicopters.

14-15 February
Machine Building and Automation
NEC Birmingham UK
New exhibition on components and equipment for production line 
assembly. The show includes motors, drives, sensors, switches, 
enclosures, conveyor systems and industrial robots.

15-19 February
Instrumentation & Controls
New Delhi India
Exhibition dedicated to safe, efficient and reliable 
operations in the manufacturing and processing industries. 
Includes a broad range of exhibit categories, including 
sensors, analytical instruments, process control, 
environmental monitoring, production measurement, quality 
control, test and measurement.

20-22 February
Milan Italy
Quality and measurement services and instrumentation 

28 February - 3 March
Manufacturing IT
Bologna Italy
Exhibition and conference on integrated systems for industrial 
enterprise manufacturing & control.

13-15 March
Drives & Controls
ExCel Docklands London UK
The exhibition addresses issues such as motor control, 
automation, energy saving, environmental developments, 
communications and the ubiquitous e-commerce.

13-16 March
Interchimie, Mesucora, Salon du Laboratoire
Paris Nord Villepinte France
International show of equipment and material transformation 
techniques. On show: production equipment, process monitoring, 
measurement, control, instrumentation and laboratory 


                     Happy New Year

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