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13 October 2017

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The Windmill Data Acquisition and Control Programs

Windmill is a modular suite of test and measurement software. You purchase the core programs, and then add extra modules as the need arises. There are no costly upgrade barriers.

New: Windmill 7 measurement software reduced from £145 to £50. Available from our on-line daq catalogue.

Standard Windmill

The standard Windmill suite comprises SetupIML, Logger, Chart, Control Panels, DDE Panel and any one driver. It is currently reduced from £145 to £50. See our on-line data acquisition catalogue for more details.

All the hardware is configured from Windows with SetupIML. Set alarm limits, engineering units, channel names, etc.
Records data from up to 100 channels of any type. You can run several copies of Logger so there is no limit to the size of the system.For long term logging the program will create a separate file for each hour, day or week, and if required can overwrite old data to continue logging indefinitely.
Continously updates graphs showing the changes on chosen channels.
Control Panels
The Analogue Control panel lets you set the levels of output signals in your chosen engineering units. The Digital Control panel provides a set of push-buttons for switching digital outputs.
DDE Panel
The DDE Panel displays data from any type of channel, and acts as a DDE Server. It provides an easy way to share data, in real-time, with third party applications like Excel, Access and Open Office.

If you want to collect real data from a RS232, RS422, RS485 or Modbus device, communicating via the COM port, then our Monitor newsletter subscribers can download a fully working trial of Windmill.

Windmill measurement software: logging and charting

Optional Windmill Modules and Drivers

To complement the core Windmill programs, we offer a range of additional modules for specific measurement and control applications. Most of these are available from our on-line data acquisition shop.

Free terminal emulator software to read almost any RS232, RS422, RS485 or Modbus device.
Serial device driver which handles RS232, RS485, RS422 and Modbus instruments. Currently reduced from £145 to £50! Available from our on-line shop
Alarm Logger
Alerts operators visually and audibly to alarms, and records the details in a file.
Enter data from the keyboard and record batch numbers or readings from mechanical instruments alongside digitised signals. Also lets you process the data before recording it.
For frequency and event counting.
Easy-to-use yet powerful process mimic and virtual instrument generator. Now reduced from £295 to £195 when purchased from our on-line shop.
Acquire data from any application or driver that acts as a DDE server.
For PID and on-off control.
Re-runs logged data graphically. .
Sophisticated sequence control. .
Test-Seq for Incinerators
We've created a major new version of Test-Seq specifically to monitor atmospheric emissions from incinerators, kilns, crematoria and so on.
Windmill Remote
Monitor conditions remotely and display live and historic data in your web browser.

Visual Programming

IML Tools
Active X control for data acquisition from Excel, JavaScript, Visual Basic, etc.

Waveform Capture

Log data to disk at high speed, chart data in real time, save libraries of set-up files and examine graphs of data after collection.


You can now purchase our software from our Data Acquisition Shop. You can download the software, saving you shipping costs. The programs come with comprehensive Help files.